In Ward 2 councillor Fred Morison’s re-election ad in the October 4, 2018 The Sachem, he states, “The budgeted price of $20.94 million [for the new administration building] includes everything” and, “. . . it is highly likely that the final cost will be less than the budgeted amount.”

Report PED-GM-04-2017 for the proposed building design of the new CAB set the base cost of construction at $19,500,000. plus expenditures for a revised budget of $20,940,000. (p. 16)

The Information Systems’ Mobile Technology (IT system) was not included and would be “reflected as a Council approved initiative in the 2018 Budget.” (p.1)  The IT amount was later increased to $2,639,500., reported in the November 16, 2017 Sachem, bringing the new build cost up to $23,579,500.

There are other costs identified in the report but they were still to be determined.

Add to this $500,000. to tear down the current CAB and restore the land instead of revamping it as the new CAB, (CAO Don Boyle, August 22, 2017 council meeting) and the total cost becomes $24,079,500.

The project is financed and the interest is part of the overall cost to taxpayers for this project (about $8,500,000.), bringing the total known cost so far to over $30,000,000.

Following are some of the reports made to the public about the cost of Haldimand’s new County Administration Building.

September 1, 2016, The Haldimand Press, “. . . the total project is expected to cost $16.2 million”

December 8, 2016, The Haldimand Press reported that Karen General stated the new CAB would cost $18 million.

Haldimand County’s pamphlet, Central Administration Project, “the approved building budget is $19.5 million”

June 30, 2017, Leroy Bartlett told the Simcoe Reformer the new CAB would cost $15 million.

August 24, 2017, The Haldimand Press, “Administration Building Approved Project Budget Increased by $3.3 Million Totals $20.9 M”

January 18, 2018, The Haldimand Press, “. . . the total project cost will peak at about $19.5 million”

Bonnie Stephens, Cayuga