Pictured are OPP Provincial Constable Brian Armstrong and MCRRT member, Julia Toppazzini

Haldimand OPP, in a valuable partnership with Community Addictions and Mental Health Services (CAMHS), has been working since 2017 to help individuals in mental crisis, offering support and the proper resources.

During every shift in Haldimand County, a member from the Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) partners and rides with an OPP officer responding to calls that involve a mental health illness, substance abuse, behavioural disorders, and people in acute situations. 

The Haldimand County OPP staff now welcome the newest MCRRT member, Julia Toppazzini, to their team.

Julia is a Registered Social Worker and holds an Undergraduate Bachelor Degree in Social Work from MacMaster University. Julia is employed by CAMHS and she previously held a position with the Mental Health Crisis Centre in Hamilton. She looks forward to working with Haldimand County OPP members to serve the citizens of the Haldimand community. 

The objective of the partnership is to get individuals in crisis the proper support and resources they need. Not every person in a mental crisis needs to be apprehended by police under the Mental Health Act, and being able to utilize the expertise has been extremely valuable.