Haldimand County is reminding the public that all-terrain & off-road vehicles are NOT permitted to be ridden on municipal roadways or County-owned property (e.g. public trails or parks).

As outlined in the Province of Ontario’s Off-Road Vehicles Actcertain types of ATVS and ORVs are permitted to travel on roadways ONLY if a municipality has a by-law permitting on-road ATV/ORV use. Currently, Haldimand County DOES NOT have a by-law permitting on-road ATV/ORV use and as such, on-road driving of ATVs/ORVs is prohibited.

As outlined in the County’s Parks & Facilities by-law, motorized recreational vehicles of any kind – meaning snowmobiles, go-carts, ATVS/ORVs or any vehicle propelled or driven by an internal combustion engine – are prohibited from traveling in any public park or County-maintained trail.

Individuals who witness the illegal operation of ATVs/ORVs are encouraged to contact Haldimand County By-Law or the Ontario Provincial Police. Anyone who is found to be in violation of the Off-Road Vehicles Act by driving the off-road vehicle on or across a highway is subject to a fine of $300, and subject to a minimum of $125 or a maximum fine of $50,000 for riding on County property.

Driving ATVs/ORVs on County roadways and public spaces poses a threat to community safety and can cause significant damage to property. Haldimand County appreciates the public’s cooperation in complying with the above-mentioned regulations and completing due diligence with respect to finding an appropriate, legal space to ride.