by Chris Pickup

Haldimand county’s chief administrative officer Don Boyle misled council Wednesday night in answering  Councillor Rob Shirton’s question as to why the new Cayuga Library was not simply built on its original site on the Market Square.

Boyle clearly said it was because the Market Square is unpatented land so the County doesn’t really own it. This was unfortunately perpetuated by Councillor Bernie Corbett on his facebook, the following day.

However Boyle should have known the Market Square is patented (i.e., the Indians have no possible,claim on it, and ownership is perfectly clear) and the proof lies in the county’s own record books

A cover-up appeared to be in process when Cayuga resident David McClung went to the County Museum archives looking for the proof he knew was in the patent record books, as he had spent many years researching there. The curator did not allow him his usual access to the books, and denied they had the one he was looking for.

They did not know McClung already had a copy of the page in the Haldimand County Land Registrar’s index book where the entry is recorded, dated 18 November 1861.

“Chief Administrative Officer Donald G. Boyle, (who was paid a salary of $180,000 plus benefits plus pension plus expense account in 2016) lied to the council and the public of Haldimand County in order to protect a councillor who was caught in a conflict of interest and in order to preserve a project which is opposed by the public and the cost of which has spun way out of control,” McClung charges.

Although the moral aspects of this story are enough to outrage most people, absolutely every taxpayer in Haldimand, no matter how amoral they might be, should be outraged by the money it’s costing them.