Haldimand residents are angry about the new Haldimand County Administration Building (CAB).
From Dunnnville to Hagersville to Caledonia and in between, in coffee shops, hairdressers and
anywhere else people meet, the complaints are rife.
Not only about the $30 million the county’s new digs, new IT system and new modular furniture
is racking up, but also that they’re losing the up-close and personal service from the present
satellite offices.
And they’re none too complimentary about the proposed building’s looks. It’s basically
warehouse style that has no connection to the stately historic style of much of the village.
In November of 2015 staff presented council with a report outlining four different options for
accommodating the county’s administrative functions over the next 20 years. The viable choice
was option 2 to add new space to the present CAB on the courthouse grounds, or option 3,
build new on the Cayuga arena property.
Because they expected to sell the courthouse grounds to help pay for the CAB, option 3 was the
most cost effective. But a year later, local uproar forced council to reverse course on selling the
grounds, at which point adding on at the courthouse grounds became the cheaper option.
Haldimand citizens had rated cost as the most important factor to consider.
No architect had been hired at that point so the county could have done more research into
option 2. Instead, just one month later they signed a contract with Their + Curran Architects in
the amount of $800,605 for architectural and engineering consulting services to implement
option 3.
County staff were consulted big time on what they would like in the new building but no real
consultation was held with the general public before the new building’s design was unveiled.
And there has been none since.
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Construction is expected to begin April 2018, with occupancy scheduled for Fall 2019.
For more info on the project visit www.haldimandcounty.on.ca and search for
Report PED-GM- 04-2017