Haldimand County Police Services Board (PSB) are demanding answers about policing of illegal protests in Caledonia.

The ongoing issue and the significant impacts these incidents are having on the broader community, was the focus of Wednesday’s Haldimand PSB meeting.

Members questioned local OPP Detachment staff regarding the adequacy and effectiveness of their response to the illegal occupations at McKenzie Meadows, municipal roadways, provincial highways and CN railway corridor.

While recognizing that local OPP responses are the result of decisions made higher up in the OPP’s chain of command, PSB members stressed that It is imperative policing concerns related to illegal protests are addressed in a timely manner.

Even more crucial is that the OPP uphold the rule of law and maintain peace, order and stability within Haldimand County, they say.

The PSB has forwarded its concerns to the Ministry of the Solicitor General and senior OPP officials asking that individuals involved in the decision-making attend an upcoming PSB meeting to discuss the community’s significant safety concerns.

The PSB will keep the community apprised of any developments related to policing services in Haldimand County, as well as the outcome of the requested meeting with senior OPP officials and representatives from the Ministry of the Solicitor General.

Haldimand County Police Services Board consists of Haldimand councillor Bernie Corbett (Board Chair), Haldimand councillor Dan Lawrence, Community Member Brian Haggith (Vice Chair), and Kerry Boon, Provincial Member.

While the PSB’s role is not to direct police operations, it serves as a conduit to the wider community and an avenue for communication between community and the OPP.

Its responsibility is to establish priorities, objectives and policies regarding policing in Haldimand County, in consultation with the Detachment Commander and Haldimand County Council.