Pictured: A Haldimand County paramedic in full PPE

No, they’re not aliens …

Residents are reminded that Haldimand county paramedics who respond to calls may be donning special PPE gear when they arrive and must conduct a 2 metre distance assessment of patients to screen for the virus.

If the patient’s condition allows, one medic will enter the home in PPE while the second paramedic remains outside until it is determined what level of PPE is required. Then the paramedics will don the appropriate PPE and treat the patient. They will also put a surgical mask on the patient as a precaution.

This process can take approximately 2-4 minutes to complete, depending on the amount of PPE required.

Paramedics may also be wearing a respirator on specific calls, which is an apparatus that looks like a gas mask. This provides a higher level of protection and is usually worn on calls where the patient screens positive for COVID-19.

“We understand that when you call 911 and an ambulance arrives you expect instantaneous entry into your home,” says Jason Gallagher, Manager of Emergency Services & Fire Chief.

“Under normal circumstances this is the process, however, the pandemic has required us to implement some additional protective measures. Keeping our paramedics and patients safe is our number one priority.”