Letter to Haldimand councillors

Gentlemen. Congratulations on your election to council.

People voted for change, and we got it. Will there be a change in attitude to a community-oriented council from a patriarchal one?

The County Museum/ Cayuga Library decisions were of the old council, spearheaded by Fred Morison. He was rejected by the electorate by 78%, giving him a third place showing. As Morison was rejected, so were his plans. The people have spoken!

Morison’s rejection mirrors the polling that was done in 2017 in the Cayuga area and to a lesser degree around the county, that 81% wanted the Cayuga Library in the Village Green and 93% wanted the County Museum and log cabin left where they are.

Much to the anger of the community, the library is under construction on Hwy. 3. However, the museum/log cabin can very much be left intact. The two small rooms dedicated to museum function in the library can be left for library function in what is already a small library.

When Morison made his pitch to the Museum Advisory Board in two meetings and phone calls to each member of the board, he told them all the buildings had to be cleared off the Court House Grounds (CHG) for condominium development. This left the board with no choice other than to accept his plan. 

The plan to sell or develop the CHG was scrapped, but Morison had his way to fold some museum functions into a library that he led council to place on the Cayuga Hotel site within a block of property he owned.

Will you please honour what the people want in the Spirit of Christmas, leaving their museum and log cabin alone? This will do wonders to heal the rift in the community. It will silence the cynicism towards council and give you the respect that you deserve.

Merry Christmas,

Grant Church, Cayuga