Penny Plunkett is always up for a title search. In response to the very condescending reply of Haldimand CAO Don Boyle to Cayuga citizens’ request for land documents (see below), Plunkett set her seriously talented fingers and brain to the task of finding the patent for Cayuga’s Market Block.

In one day she achieved what tiers of lawyers have never been able to do. “I found the patent for the Market Block !!!!!!!”.

Don Boyle’s letter:

Thanks for your e-mail and interest in this matter. The attachments above are the records of title you requested confirming Haldimand County ownership within the Land Titles Conversion Qualified (LTCQ) system  for both 45 Munsee Street Municipal Administration Building and Museum as well as the 19 Talbot Street the new location for the Cayuga Library and Museum (Former Cayuga Hotel Site). I agree with you that having clean and clear title to these lands is essential to the County moving forward with it’s plans.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide you this same information for the Village Green location as there currently is cloud on title and as such it is not registered within the Land Titles Conversion Qualified (LTCQ) system. As you may have heard already, Haldimand County would have to make application to the Superior Court to gain clear title to these lands.

Cayuga Administration Building and the Museum are both in the Land Titles Conversion Qualified (LTCQ) system.

PIN # 38224-0140 (LT) 45 Munsee (museum) is legally owned by  The Municipal Council of the County of Haldimand.  The Nicholas Log Cabin has been designated as being of Architectural and Historical Value or InterestPIN # 38224-0144(LT) 45 Munsee (CAB) is legally owned by The Corporation of the Town of Haldimand.  There is an old lease registered on title infavour of “Queen – public works” registered in 1970.

19 Talbot Street: The property that was purchased for the new Cayuga library is in the Land Titles Conversion Qualified (LTCQ) system and is described as PIN # 38228-0145(LT).  Please see attachments above

Hope you have a great day.



Don Boyle

Chief Administrative Officer