Communities throughout the Grand River watershed continue to experience the effects of a weather system that moved into the area on Monday, bringing heavy rainfall and warm temperatures with it. This combination resulted in significant runoff into the river system and caused ice jams to form and release in a number of areas.

Flows will continue to increase through the southern Grand River, below Brantford, on Thursday and will remain high for the coming week. A significant ice jam remains in place in Brantford. GRCA staff continue to monitor this situation.

Haldimand County flood coordinators are asked to continue to monitor conditions and be aware of the potential risk of significant flooding as a result of upstream ice jam in Brantford. This jam may release suddenly and without warning, sending large volumes of ice and debris downstream.

Six Nations/Haldimand County – Caledonia: Flows on the Grand River through Six Nations and Caledonia in Haldimand County will remain high for the next week.

Six Nations and Haldimand County flood coordinators should closely monitor conditions along the Grand River and ensure residents are aware of the potential risk.

Haldimand County – Cayuga: Flows on the Grand River through Cayuga will remain high for the rest of the week. An ice jam that was in place in Cayuga has released and moved downstream.

Town of Dunnville/Port Maitland: Canadian Coast Guard icebreaking operations resumed today in the mouth of the Grand River and Lake Erie. This action has helped reduce the potential for ice jams at this location.