Haldimand OPP are looking to have a little chat with a pet owner who left their dog inside a motor vehicle on the Caledonia Canadian Tire parking lot on Sunday, right in the middle of one of the hottest days of the year, with a heat alert in effect.

A concerned member of the public called police after they observed the  dog inside a motor vehicle for over 30 minutes around the noon hour. A Good Samaritan was able to open the door to the vehicle and provide the dog with some water. The licence plate number and make of vehicle was provided to investigators who will be following up with the owner.

The SPCA were also notified and responded, however the vehicle left prior to arrival of officials.

On a day where the temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside a vehicle parked in the shade reaches 32 degrees Celsius. If you leave your motor vehicle in the sun the temperature can reach 71 degrees Celsius. This can have devastating effects on your pet.

Dogs and cats pant to cool themselves, but this is ineffective when they are surrounded by heat. On summer days the air and upholstery in your vehicle can heat up to high temperatures that make it impossible for pets to cool themselves. Your pet will be more comfortable if left at home.

A domesticated pet is dependent on the owner for proper care such as food, shelter and water. The Criminal Code of Canada has specific sections that deal with the mistreatment of animals.

Cause unnecessary suffering – maximum sentence of 5 years in jail. Injure or endanger an animal – maximum sentence of 5 years in jail. Neglect an animal – maximum sentence of 2 year in jail.

Bottom line: If it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your pet.