Dear Mr. Spears, I thank you for the time you took in presenting me with Councillor Morison’s offer of a private, one-on-one meeting to fill me in on what transpired at his previous, by-invitation but supposedly public meeting that was held on May 28 in Fisherville.  Your attempt to speak for your friend was generous, and I appreciate it.

That said, I wonder along with Lorraine Bergstrand why Mr. Morison would need someone else to present this offer for him.  He has my e-mail address and my telephone number.  If he cannot even represent himself, how on earth can he represent the 5,755 electors of Ward 2?

Furthermore, it is difficult to see how such a meeting could solve the fundamental problem.  I am not the only elector who was not invited to the May 28 meeting.  Something like 5,725 of Mr. Morison’s other constituents find themselves in the same boat.

Since Mr. Morison appears unwilling to meet with all of his interested constituents, allow me to suggest two other ways forward.

First, I could meet with him, record the meeting, and post the recording on the internet.  This would at least allow all of his constituents to hear his responses, although they would not be able to ask their own questions.

Alternatively, Mr. Morison could write a report on the meeting that would include the rumours he addressed, his response to the rumours, the questions that were asked from the floor, and his answers to those questions.  I suspect that at least the Haldimand Press and the would be willing to publish such a report.  It could also be posted elsewhere on the internet.

Again, I thank you for the effort you have put into this intervention, but please inform Mr. Morison that I would appreciate it if in future he would contact me directly, as I have contacted him in the past.

Sincerely yours, David McClung