OPP were conducting a RIDE check Thursday evening on Haldimand Road 9 Caledonia when an officer noticed a vehicle attempting to evade the check point.

Officers stopped the vehicle a short distance away and while speaking with the driver, had suspicion that he had consumed cannabis. A Standard Field Sobriety Test was administered followed by an assessment by a Drug Recognition Evaluator which resulted in the man being arrested.

OPP has charged 34-year-old Kyle Swent of North Cayuga with driving a motor vehicle while impaired by drug, and driving a motor vehicle with cannabis readily available.


A vehicle travelling on Haldimand Road 55, Jarvis Saturday afternoon caught the attention of the OPP. Officers stopped the vehicle and while speaking with the male driver, detected signs of impairment by alcohol. The driver was subsequently arrested.

OPP has charged 38-year-old Kim Squire of Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation with driving a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol, and refusing to provide a breath sample.