March 16, 2020 – Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit has set out the following community guidelines for COVID-19 containment, testing and reporting.

Currently there are 0 confirmed active cases within Haldimand and Norfolk County. Community members are being asked to follow the below steps in order to protect themselves and others:

Testing is not required if you have no symptoms, unless you have been specifically asked to get tested by Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit. Self-isolate for 14 days after returning to Canada from international travel OR close contact with a positive case. Call Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit at 519-462-6170 EXT. 9999 for guidance.

If you do not have symptoms AND you have travelled outside of Canada – testing is not required. You are not required to get tested or call your local public health unit if you are not experiencing any symptoms after international travel. You must self-monitor for symptoms while self-isolating. You must self- isolate for 14 days after returning from international travel.

If symptomatic, call Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit at 519-462-6170 EXT. 9999 immediately for guidance. DO NOT GO IN to the health unit or doctors offices. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and are worried you are at risk, call for guidance. Entering any health care facility puts others as well as the health care system at risk.

In the case of an emergency, please visit the Emergency Department. Your local hospitals, doctors and Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit are working vigilantly to coordinate actions that keep our communities safe. It is important for community members to stay up-to-date with the latest direction and guidelines set out by Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit to assist with keeping the risk within our community low.

Symptoms are: fever,cough or difficulty breathing

Anyone who is visiting this page outside of the Haldimand-Norfolk region is advised to call their local health unit for guidance: system/services/phu/locations.aspx

Telehealth Ontario

For medical advice, you may contact Telehealth Ontario,
a free, confidential service. A Registered Nurse will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Phone: 1-866-797-0000

Feeling Ill

If you feel ill, please consult your primary care provider.

HNHU COVID-19 Hotline

For general inquiries regarding COVID-19, please call the HNHU COVID-19 Hotline
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Closed on statutory holidays)
Phone: 519-426-6170
Ext. 9999