Want real information about what’s been going on in Cayuga for the last two years?

Come to the public information session on Saturday, April 7, and learn what Haldimand County’s government is not telling you about its plans for Cayuga and for the County generally.

The meeting will be held at the Cayuga Kinsmen Community Centre on Thorburn Street in Cayuga, beginning at 2:00 pm. Admission is free.

Speakers will present the results of nearly a year of careful research into Haldimand County council and senior staff’s activities with regard to several major projects, and in particular their refusal to act on citizens’ concerns.

The speakers are part of a group that came together when it was discovered the County government was planning to clear all the public buildings off Cayuga’s majestic Court House Grounds so it could sell the land to a housing developer.

Although the County council has backed down from that plan, at least temporarily, the group noticed problems with other projects, so they continued to dig into the processes that led to several controversial decisions.

Highlighted at the meeting will be the decisions around the construction of  a new administration building, the $4 million Cayuga library rebuild, the uncosted closing of the museum and the removal of its log cabin from the Court House Grounds, the $1.4 million Cayuga Bridge Rail Trail, the Cayuga streetscaping and parking fiasco, and the threatened future of Cayuga’s parks.

Following the formal (short) presentations, the public will  be invited to ask questions and get answers on the issues that concern them.

“But only members of the general public, our fellow citizens,” cautions emcee Judy Agis. “Councillors and senior staff have their own platforms for giving their side of the story. They’re welcome to come and listen, but this is the citizens’ turn to speak.”

Check this link below for the poster.