by Penny Plunkett

• It cannot be a title problem of “convenience” i.e. the Remainder of the Market Block (where the Library was supposed to go) has the Title Problem and not that portion conveyed from the Village of Cayuga by way of Plan 13255. It’s “All or None”

• Haldimand County “has” to make the effort to repair the Title Issue or they now jeopardize the title to the lands in Plan 13255

• Haldimand County (Village of Cayuga) “sold” the lands via Plan 13255 – they created the problem for the owners of these lands

• The Entire Province has had to have the Crown convey their interests by way of a Patent. The Crown must release their interest. No Patent – No chain of ownership can continue in the Public.

• In the whole of the Province of Ontario I am sure there have been a “few” Patents that have gone missing over time. It would be interesting to find out how this was resolved?

• The Patent Book and the Title Abstract Book must add some value as “evidence” to the existence of a Crown Patent.

Market Block(s)

Patented by the Crown in 1861 to The Corporation of the Village of Cayuga



1: Patent Book Entry for the Village of Cayuga – see page 10 – 2 Acres 



2: Title Abstract Index Book for the Village of Cayuga – Book 1 page 54

Large ledger – – left side


Large ledger – right side

3. Copy of Pages from the Ontario Archives: relevant entry listed eighth