by Bernie Corbett

I understand the passion of those who put forward their views and want them accepted. Many of us have been there and were unsuccessful.

Centralization of our Administration is a good example. Public consultation was requested both through Public meetings and online questionnaires. These meeting dates and times were well publicized. I attended a number of these meetings and I know they were poorly attended. This was your opportunity to express your concerns. I know from the results of the public input the majority who responded were in favour of centralization. When the meeting was held the recommendation was for centralization  based on the results. Representatives from the Dunnville area were most noted for their objections. A democratic decision was made in favour of centralization. To revisit the issue in this term of office it requires a 2/3 majority with a motion introduced by the mover of the original motion.

The location of the Library/Museum was much debated as well. Based on the recommendation of the Library Board and staff the proposed location was accepted and approved. Again to revisit the issue there is a procedure to follow.

Safety is a major concern for our County and we do much to mitigate litigation. Intersections are in general a safety concern. I have reviewed the statistics for the intersection and I find they are not a major concern. I would ask that you review them as well. There were no pedestrian issues.

A valid comment has been made as to where the majority of residents who use the Library live. I believe the majority live to the south of the Library now. In order for those who live to the south who walk to the Library now they would have to cross at at an intersection. Are there not the same concerns now?

Just my thoughts.