By Chris Pickup

The realignment of the original proposed roads structure within Caledonia’s McKenzie Meadows housing development for better fit with adjoining subdivisions, led to some concerns with the proposed roundabout on McKenzie road at council committee Tuesday.

This roundabout is to improve connectivity with Beattie estates to the east and keep traffic moving more smoothly between the two developments and along McKenzie Road.

Councillor Leroy Bartlett noted there are different sizes of roundabout depending on location, and thought there could be some problems getting larger vehicles around them.

Staff said this particular one is on a major road, and it will be built to make sure it is sized appropriately for turning.

Mayor Hewitt noted McKenzie is a detour route and asked if the roundabout could be expanded to handle extra traffic.

This has not been considered to date, staff answered. “As things play out it would be very limited. We would have to take it back and look at it.” Beattie has been factored in, he added. The focus is on pushing traffic westerly and up and about the bypass.

Bartlett suggested with a single lane, larger equipment would be running over the curbs. “It’s not a plan that’s going to work well,” he said. “I’m pretty sure if someone is out doing driver training, they would fail if they go over the curb.”

Shirton said they are told it was designed for larger equipment. However in Tillsonburg the roundabout has a double lane and they can’t get around it.

“If large equipment can’t get around – I’m all for it,” Grice quipped.

Hewitt asked about the potential for south Caledonia growth, as did Grice. However staff seemed to be pessimistic as growth is already at the southern border.

Staff are going to look at the roundabout again.