Talking and learning about the skills of being mentally healthy will be top of mind for Grand Erie District School Board students during this year’s Mental Health Week. The annual celebration, which takes place this week (May 7-11), is focused on encouraging wellness and building resiliency.

“We can teach students how and why it’s important to think, feel and be well, and to learn the skills to overcome challenges they may encounter in their lives,” said Piyali Bagchee, Mental Health and Wellness Lead for Grand Erie.

“The ability to recover from set-backs, adapt and overcome adversity are all important life skills.”

During Mental Health Week, Grand Erie will participate in ‘Let’s Chalk,’ an activity where students write positive and encouraging messages in chalk around their school. ‘Let’s Chalk’ is an easy way for all students and staff to get involved, and is led by the Board’s Child and Youth Workers, in collaboration with the Public Health Nurses.

“As part of spreading positive and encouraging messages, ‘Let’s Chalk’ activities allow students to reflect on their own well-being and gives them a chance to think of how they can incorporate positive and constructive thoughts and self-care into their lives,” said Bagchee.