by John E. Walker

Haldimand County Council and staff are desperate to find a legitimate reason why the proposed new library was relocated from the Cayuga Market Square (Village Green) to Hwy. 3.  This change resulted in increased costs for the facility of almost $1 million and reduced the building size from 7,400 sq.ft. to 6,500 sq.ft. – a 12% decrease.
At council meeting on January 24th, CAO Boyle stated that ownership by the county of the Village Green was questionable due to the grounds being “unpatented (un-deeded)”.  Therefore, the county decided not to invest there.
This statement is an utter falsehood.  The land (Market Square) in Cayuga was patented to the Village of Cayuga in November, 1861.  These records are on file in the Registry Office and The Haldimand County Museum Archives.
CAO Boyle also said he contacted Six Nations and they agree with not putting the library on the Village Green.  Why would Six Nations be interested in our library location?  How to invite controversy without really trying.
Silent on this issue was Councillor Morison who properly should have spoken as Cayuga is in his ward.  Possibly he has joined the silent majority of his supporters who never speak in public.
Listening to county staff provide misleading information to our mayor and councilors presents a dismal picture of how our county is being served by those whose Sunshine List salaries we pay for.