According to the county’s own figures, it will cost taxpayers north of a million dollars to demolish the Haldimand County Museum and Archives and move its contents to other locations.

Fed up with the county’s intransigence, Cayuga resident John Walker dived into their files to come up with the shocking evidence.

Cost to add 600sq. ft. to the library for genealogy –  $200,000.

Cost to add 800 sq. ft. to the library for artifacts – $260,000.

Cost to provide 850 sq. ft. in new admin bldg. – $280,000. (per staffer Craig Manley)

Cost guesstimate to demolish HCMA bldg./remediate-$200,000

Cost to move Genealogy files to library (per report) – $2,000. Note: this figure does not Include new file cabinets promised.

Sub total $942,000


Add to this:

Loss of Provincial grant in perpetuity (not now a museum) – $12,100. per year.

Uncalculated expenses for services promised in the staff report:

Cost to record, photograph, describe, catalog, sort, digitize, upload, 14,500 artifacts.

Cost to safely and securely transport 14,500 artifacts to nine (or more) separate locations.

Cost of 3 large display cases, multimedia displays, software, and hardware in new admin bldg.

Cost of new file cabinets promised to house genealogy files at new Cayuga library

Cost of new multimedia  displays in Edinburgh Square and capital improvements to accommodate them (in 2019/2020 budget) .

Most of the following info comes directly from the staff report PED-GM-10-2016 unless otherwise noted. Ratified by council 6-0 on Dec. 12, 2016, available on the county website


Since the rationale for moving the Log Cabin was because the HCMA was going and the cabin could not be there alone, the cost to move it could legitimately be added to the museum removal expense – at least another $100,000.


None of this is necessary. Building condition report from 2011 noted the HCMA building was well maintained. Cost of repairs to the building from 2012 to 2016 was $34,000. In the same time period $300,000. was spent on Edinburgh Square. Repairs to the HCMA over the next 10 years was forecast at $140,000.


And mayor Ken Hewitt says the county is not spending like drunken sailors.


– Files from John Walker