By Chris Pickup

Clayt Spears, I appreciate you claim Morison as your friend with a  propensity to believe what he tells you, but I must respectfully point out that your five and half month sojourn in Texas every year ill prepares you for commentary on what has happened during that time. 

Comments have been made on the ‘nasty’ tone of the debate swirling around councillor Fred Morison, with Morison portrayed as the victim. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. 

No-one has addressed the fact that while you were in Texas one year, he began the nastiness himself with verbal and written abuse of a well respected community member and businesswoman, Lorna Walker, who started online and paper-based petitions to ‘Save the Haldimand Museum’.

Despite Morison’s allegations Walker was making ‘misleading’ statements, and ‘stirring up the community’ along with a few more choice epithets, Walker’s  observations were spot on and, moreover, delivered with some dignity before she was personally attacked.

Her petitions garnered more than a thousand signatures, which council promptly consigned to the infamous ‘received as information’ wastebasket at the county, along with the results of two meetings on the question, again while you were enjoying Texas, which garnered a resounding ‘no’ to demolition of the museum from the 150-200 participants.

The decision had already been made and the hell with what residents wanted.

As you were at the infamous meeting in Fisherville as moderator, you must have also heard the epithets Morison slung at a Cayuga businessman. I know he apologized after the fact to the gentleman in question, but Morison has no business making such statements in the first place.

Cayuga belongs to its residents, but they have not been allowed input into what happens to their hometown. Councillors are not elected so they can unilaterally force their own vision on people. If residents were afforded the opportunity for free and open debate in properly advertised open meetings, with a genuine consideration by council of their concerns, then a fair consensus could have been reached. 

Morison and this council don’t do that.

Instead, residents have been told what is going to happen. Do you wonder there is so much frustration? Cayuga’s historical centre will be ripped apart. The courthouse grounds will lose the museum and log cabin. We still don’t know whether the courthouse grounds will be overrun with housing in the near future, as council had planned. 

As for the library, the hotel property in its downtown location is more suited for commercial uses. In your Lake Erie summer home you won’t have seen the dreadful commercial and agricultural traffic jams the location attracts at times. My husband can’t even walk fast enough to get halfway across the road before the traffic signal changes from walk to the ominously ticking red hand.

Value your friendship with Morison if you will, but don’t expect the rest of us to do so.