By Chris Pickup

Councillor Leroy Bartlett fired up his engine on the subject of roads in his ward, at council in committee Tuesday.

“This is the first time Jarvis has had major work done .… watermains, storm sewers, paving,” he said, “but in some places the road is worse than when we started. 

“It was a multi million project. We’ve got to do a better job of this. We fall down and residents get stuck with it.

Had the consultant at Talbot and Main not been doing his inspections properly? he asked.

Staff noted that right from the get-go the county was facing problems with the contractor, and the county needs to pre-qualify in future, he said. Coco (paving company) is coming in to fix things properly, he added.

Bartlett’s next target was the Nanticoke Road and County Road 3, which he claimed have more truck traffic than Hwy. 3 and 6.

“It’s in abysmal shape – patching and repatching, patches on patches,” he asserted. He said he was assured by staff there was enough money to fix it, “but just now, six months later, emergency repairs are being done.

“It shouldn’t be up to the councillor. We have staff who should be doing this. It’s just not acceptable.”

On the subject of Rainham Road, he charged “it’s almost smoother to ride on the shoulder than the road.”

CAO Don Boyle said 31 cents of every tax dollar is spent on infrastructure. “We’ve done a lot on roads, but we’ve taken on too much, we need more staff. We have 25 percent of the roads that Toronto has.”

Hewitt claimed years of neglect and not having the budgetary means. “We’ve increased funding and roads shouldn’t get this bad in future. We’re still catching up on stuff that should have been done years ago.”

Tony Dalimonte referenced the $6 million project that has just been finished in Hagersville.

“It’s getting pounded by truck traffic,” he said. “How long is it going to last?” He questioned truck routes and how they can change, noting there are a couple of roads in his ward that have “suddenly” become truck routes.