A group of Caledonia parents, fed up with conditions at Caledonia Centennial Public School (CCPS) this past year, is pushing for action from the Grand Erie School Board.

CCPS is the first school in the area to be affected by new housing development, but soon all schools will feel the harsh effects, warns the new Facebook page Parents of Students in Caledonia Ontario.

The parents charge that in 2018, some classrooms at CCPS had more kids and teachers enrolled in the classroom than the Ontario Fire Code allows.

The Ontario Fire Code offers the minimum fire and life safety guidelines one MUST follow. By not following this, our children and the staff are at great risk if there is ever an emergency situation. Safety of our children and staff should be #1, but we feel the Grand Erie District School Board clearly placed safety on the back-burner this past year and fear the same for the next school year.”

The group wants the school board to come up with a fair and reasonable solution for the overcrowding while still supporting the success of the children and offering a safe and valuable learning environment.

We would like to see the Board of Education being proactive rather then reactive.”

The provincial ministry is dragging its heels on funding for the new school planned for the Avalon development, and the group hopes to push the ministry for quicker funding.

Plans are for petitions, meeting with fellow parents, local politicians such as MPP Toby Barrett, councillor Craig Grice and anyone else who might make a difference.

“If you’d like to help us advocate for the children of Caledonia or to read more about some of the issues we face, please join our Facebook page Parents of Students in Caledonia Ontario

We welcome anyone with positive intentions, to join the group and help us make a difference.”