Hello Kaitlyn and Jillian, I find that I cannot confidently rely on the information relayed in The Haldimand Press articles.  An example, and you may recall our correspondence about it, is “Response to Cayuga Library Criticism” dated February 1, 2018.

Since you chose to let the piece stand as it was with no follow-up clarifying piece, and to avoid actually addressing the concerns I raised in my emails to you in your responses, I have to conclude you condone the poor quality of “reporting” shown in the piece.

Another such example would be your piece on “Residents Meet To Discuss County Plans, Transparency” dated April 12, 2018.

I took a three year subscription to The Haldimand Press because I wanted to support a local paper. I thought it would be fair and rounded, reporting on local issues.  I am, however, sad to realize that The Haldimand Press has grossly failed to meet my expectations.

Please cancel my subscription immediately.

Bonnie Stephens, Cayuga