By Chris Pickup

Subject to Haldimand council approval Monday night, phase one of Hagersville’s proposed Gardens Communities subdivision is set to move ahead, although it will see precious little garden space.

According to a staff report submitted by Craig Manley at the committee level Tuesday, an amended zoning bylaw is intended to create ‘unique zoning provisions’ in accordance with the plan of subdivision presented to council on January 16.

The amendment, passed at committee level with no comment from councillors, will allow a mix of detached and semi detached dwellings on narrower lots with shorter setbacks. A maximum 147 houses will be shoehorned into 20 acres with 5 areas of ‘open space’ which will form part of the stormwater management and park space infrastructures.

Interior lots are 220 sq.metres and corner lots 265 sq.m. Front yard setback is 4.5m to dwelling, 6m to garage. Rear yard setback is 7 metres. The expressed rationale is to allow more compact development, giving the dwelling more prominence along the street. Just don’t expect to do much gardening.

A majority of phase 1 will be constructed around a proposed extension of David Street and includes new municipal roads in the western portion of the subdivision. It will front onto King Street.

The rest of the proposed development lands, which lie within the LaFarge Quarry boundary buffer, will remain dormant until the company completes extraction of product.