Haldimand OPP have responded to several complaints regarding trespassing, mischief and off-road vehicle use on roadways throughout Haldimand County.

Off-road vehicle riders were also reported to be on private property without permission and in some cases have caused damage to the property and fields, both of which could subject riders to charges.
In accordance with the Off-Road Vehicle Act, municipalities must have a by-law permitting certain All- Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) use on roadways. Currently, Haldimand County does not have such a by-law and as such, on- road driving of ATVs/ORVs in Haldimand County is prohibited.

In addition, Haldimand county’s Parks & Facilities by-law expressly prohibits motorized recreational vehicles of any kind – meaning snowmobiles, go-carts, ATVS/ORVs or any vehicle propelled or driven by an internal combustion engine – from traveling in any public park or County-maintained trail, subjecting riders to mischief charges.

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