Steven John Fenton. Chris Pickup here, editor of the . I would have replied to your Facebook diatribe before, however our wifi failed Sunday night and has only just been restored.

First off, I am curious as to how you managed to receive an invitation to Fred Morison’s private meeting, and the reason for being chosen. He is not known for speaking to the hoi polloi, and living in Caledonia you are not a voter in his riding. He must see something in you he values.

Morison’s protestations that the meeting was not intended to be private don’t ring true. We only found out about it because someone leaked it. And as far as I know, only two members of the anti-Fred (as you name it) group attended since we didn’t want to risk a parking lot brawl. If there were any others they were not affiliated with our group and must have found out from our Facebook feed.

You said you came to the meeting without having a clue what it was about.  So, without knowing any details, details our group has spent a good couple of years researching and verifying from council’s own reports, what basis did you have for ‘open-mindedly’ falling for every bit of self-serving guff  Morison no doubt came up with. And how was it made clear the meeting was meant to have our concerns open for discussion?

We have spent many, many months making presentations to council, and asking Morison and the rest of council questions as to the safety and traffic issues at the new library site, and getting no answers other than that council had made the decision and they weren’t about to bring it back to the table. And the closed meeting Morison held with the museum advisory board about the decision, and which caused a member to resign, is still not available for the public to view.

Check with Brant County about their new Paris library process. They’re presently calling for citizens to come to a public meeting armed with their input.

‘Once the Regional News prints the other views of the many who are pleased with Cayuga town plans I will begin to respect it again,’ you say. Well, we have made it clear on the site that all opinions are welcome. We encourage discussion, that’s why we named ourselves the forum, but we can’t make people write to us, now can we? And quite frankly, most people in Cayuga seem to agree with us.

We know newspapers. We published a print newspaper for forty years that specialized in printing just about every community opinion that people sent us, no fear or favour. Our online site is the only news media that doesn’t exclude people, and the people using it have no other outlet for their views. Morison’s wife owned one of the print newspapers until recently, while the other paper either doesn’t understand the issues, or works really hard to make sure they don’t step on council’s toes. Therefore very few letters make it onto their pages.

You say those opposed to Morison weren’t willing to concede anything. Why should they? Council and staff, including Morison, have worked hard to exclude us from any decision-making process over the last few years. So much for democracy. Cue again to what Brant County does.

If it weren’t for Morison deciding all on his own to re-envision Cayuga back in 2015, we would have had a new library on the market square three years ago for a cost of $1.6m, our nice little museum would still be safe on the courthouse grounds with all of its contents intact instead of spread all over the county, and the log cabin would not be threatened with possible destruction from being moved in its fragile state. 

Cayuga values its history, the very centre of which is the museum and courthouse grounds. All the individual community historical associations came together to make that happen, and now It is being destroyed by seven men and their staff, who appear to value money and ‘progress’ above all else.

Neither Morison nor the county have any explanation for why the library could not be put on its original site, where a library has been sited since Cayuga got its patent, although they tried with specious arguments that have been debunked.

The ‘childish behaviour’ you refer to seems a little ridiculous to a bunch of geriatrics, who I assure you have all their marbles, especially in light of your own rantings about fake news, gutter type mudslinging, toxic media, and weak arguments we need to admit to.

We’ve nothing to admit. Except hours and hours spent doing our homework, hours and hours trawling through the county’s own reports to back it up, and writing and printing straight news from council meetings, and community organizations.  And no, I don’t know any Russians, or hold a brief for Trump, or hold any conspiracy theories. Although you obviously do.

I admit I have very strong opinions, but they’re labelled as such, and based on truth. What’s your excuse? I suspect you know Morison a lot more than you’re willing to admit, or else you’re extremely credulous.