By Bob Allen (P. Eng.), Dunnville 

Feedback has proven the proposed new Cayuga Library site on Hwy 3 to be a bigger County problem and mistake than imagined. 

Especially when the proposed site lacks the convenience, common sense, safety, and other tried and proven benefits of the existing library site. Never mind Municipal Council and Management ethics, trust and legal obligations.

Usually when such a bad choice for a building site is made, there are hidden agendas. For example, someone associated with Council or Management has something to gain.

In this case, there appears to be at least three properties that stand to gain from the relocation of Cayuga library to the proposed site along Hwy 3. One is the owner of the proposed library site purchased by the County, and the other two owners of properties recently purchased in the same area along Hwy 3.

Does the Province of Ontario allow this precedent about to be set by Haldimand Councillors and Management, that appears to encourage, promote, and allow conflicts of interest with property purchases associated with proposed municipal sites?

Please provide answers to the people who pay for your trusted service.

Otherwise, please construct the new Cayuga Library on its original tried and proven site away from Hwy 3—similar to other libraries in Haldimand.

Public respect and trust for the CAO’s Office and Council is not taken for granted: It is earned…