Feb. 27, 2018


Hon. Kathryn McGarry

Ministry of Transportation

Ferguson Block 3rd Flr,

77 Wellesley St W,

Toronto, ON

M7A 1Z8


Ms. McGarry:

I am writing today to follow up on questions asked in the Ontario Legislature in regards to the stretch of Highway 6 between Hagersville and Caledonia.

As you are aware from our past communications, there are huge issues with the state of Highway 6 in my riding. My office receives numerous complaints about the highway daily, and receives several calls and e-mails in regards to vehicle damage.

I wish to share with you an e-mail which articulates how bad things are getting on Highway 6: “I was driving along highway 6 with my children in my van when the truck in front of me hit one of these pot holes and threw a large chunk of asphalt up and it hit my window. The result was a very large impact mark and a crack stretching from one side of the window to the other. I should also mention that this not only scared me, it scared my children! This could have come through the window and killed one of us! This is completely unacceptable and a danger as I have indicated above. Placing a sign that states the road is rough is not an acceptable alternative to repairing this immediately. My husband has been taken off work on a medical leave and has no income and I work part time as a bus driver. There is no room in the extremely tight budget to repair a window that should never have been damaged in the first place!”

My staff provided this resident with information on the damage claim process, but she, and I, have concerns about the safety and well-being of residents with the road in such poor shape. Can you assure me anyone who has damage to their vehicle will be compensated?

I also have concerns in regards to the secrecy surrounding the reconstruction of Highway 6. Complaints started close to a year ago, and my office has been asking questions since that time. Only when the situation reached a crisis in January were details about the archeological findings shared with my office. I actually learned more details of what was going on in the local paper. Can you tell me why the secrecy? Why are details of what is happening with the reconstruction not being shared with the sitting MPP for the area?

Can you share further details regarding the process for tendering and anticipated construction start date so I can share this with residents?

I look forward to your response.


Thank you,


Toby Barrett, MPP