by Chris Pickup

Neighbours of OPG in Nanticoke will hear a series of sirens February 28 just before the coal stacks are detonated into collapse.

The Nanticoke community hall was chock-a-block with people curious to learn about the process, Wednesday.

The stack demolition is planned for 7:30 am, although the time and date may change if weather  conditions are unfavourable.

Prior to the blast, all surrounding areas will be cordoned off, security (exclusion) zones will be established by Delsan-AIM and local police, and a perimeter check will be done. A series of sirens will then be sounded prior to a non-electric shock tube detonating the charges. This ensures no premature detonations take place from lightning or radio interference.

The stacks will be demolished at the same time, falling towards each other.

Meanwhile Ontario Power Generation and its partner Six Nations Development Corporation are moving forward on a 44 megawatt solar facility at the Nanticoke site. The location is on industrial zoned land south of Rainham Road, east of Nanticoke. Road and bounded to the south by Lake Erie.

Solar panels are being considered for four land parcels, one on the former coal pile and three land parcels located immediately east of the Nanticoke station site.

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