Five different divisions of the OPP are teaming up for a blitz of the Highway 6 corridor today.

The Haldimand County, Burlington and Wellington County Detachments, Highway Safety Division and the Highway Enforcement Team are out looking to nail bad drivers.

They will target the “Big 4” causal factors (seatbelts, distracted drivers, aggressive drivers and impaired drivers).

The Highway 6 corridor stretching from Haldimand County to Wellington County, through the City of Hamilton, is a major artery for commuters of South Western Ontario. It links Highway 403 to Highway 401 and is a main connection to the Hamilton International Airport.

This initiative will concentrate on two sections of Highway 6:

Highway 6 (S) from Haldimand County to Highway 403 in the City of Hamilton and Highway 6(N) from Hwy 403 in the City of Hamilton into Wellington County.

Over the past few years there has been a noticeable rise in Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC) involving property damage and personal injury along this corridor. This initiative was designed to identify those drivers that are contributing factors to the rise of MVC’s and/or disrupting the orderly flow of traffic.

  Through enforcement and education the goal is to increase public awareness and make roadways safer.