After two weeks of focused traffic enforcement, OPP have heard some interesting excuses motorists had for exceeding the speed limit.

“I wouldn’t be speeding if the kids were in school”

“I’m trying to get to the gas station and I’m worried I will run out of gas”

“I’m not from the area”

“I just returned from the United States and wasn’t thinking in kilometres per hour”

For the month of August, OPP is focusing on problematic areas in the County, increasing patrols and enforcement on local area roadways. Those breaking the law under the Highway Traffic Act will be charged.

Due to a number of traffic complaints from the public, OPP has determined that King Street East in Hagersville, Kohler Road in Cayuga, and Port Maitland Road in Dunnville are problem areas.

However posts on social media indicate there are many more, especially in the Caledonia area.

So far this year, Haldimand County OPP have issued well over 600 speeding tickets, 39 distracted driving tickets, and have charged 28 people with impaired driving. All of which are driving behaviours that contribute significantly to collisions and fatalities on the roadways.