The new Cayuga Library and Heritage Centre is under construction on Hwy. 3. In the process the county cut down a beautiful old catalpa tree and cleared the entire property line of greenery, exposing the house behind.

Up close this foundational structure looks a bit on the cheap side, and way too close to the curb, but then the county staff don’t really expect their buildings to last more than 50-60 years or so. Off with their roofs, so to speak. 

In the meantime, no-one at the county seems to understand that such a prime location would have better served the commercial population for any number of tourist reasons. A bed and breakfast or boutique hotel perhaps. 

Or even a parking lot to serve the commercial businesses presently in the area who are suffering from a dearth of the same, because someone at the county saw fit to make two-way Cayuga street into one-way with bump outs and benches no-one ever seems to sit on.