by Randy Desnoyers  The squeaky wheel

Ya know what happened to the days gone by where we saved our money then bought the things we needed?

This reckless spending before actually having the money has to stop!! REALLY! I was so angry to hear that council on behalf of the county has borrowed money using the vibrancy fund to back it up!!

That means the next council coming in has to deal with that debt, and what if the subsidiary of Samsung closes…? We as tax payers get burned with that.

This Council now claims to be the best,  ohh look at the job we have done, yet they have spent way more than they have, based on the future of this county.

Boys you best hope nothing goes wrong with that plan or you will be known as the only member that walked this county into debt counselling, so please don’t tell us you’ve done a great job, you may not be around to see it finish out!!