By Chris Pickup

Residents across Haldimand will be able to kick back and enjoy a new outdoor experience this summer. Haldimand council is initiating a pilot program for seasonal patios, to be reviewed after the 2019 season. 

The program will allow two different types of location – one on the sidewalk adjacent the establishment in question, leaving a clearance for accessibility, and the other occupying an on-street parking area in front of the building. An on-street example from Hamilton is pictured above.

The county has set up rules and regulations to be followed by the establishments, including clean-up of the sidewalk in and around the outdoor patio area, and removing the debris to a covered refuse receptacle, not county waste receptacles.

Hours of operation are held to normal business hours and not past 11 pm, from May 1 to October 31.

Councillor Leroy Bartlett  asked whether smoking would be allowed outside, to be told legislation bans it.

Rob Shirton wanted to know what the timeline is for the pilot program to begin, since it is already June.

Staffer Craig Manley noted the County is working with proponents already,  and has advised them of groups they have to talk to, such as the BIA, and  various bylaws and legislation, and some are doing that.

CAO Don Boyle added that staff in six weeks have done everything to pull it together to get to this point.