By John Walker

June 15, 2018

David McClung has joined the race for the mayor’s seat on Haldimand County Council in the October 22 municipal election.

McClung, who has been a vocal critic of some of the county government’s recent work, decided to take the plunge after repeatedly hearing anguished citizens ask, “But who else is there to vote for?”

“Now voters have a different choice,” explains McClung. “I’m not involved in any businesses, and I’m not connected with any real estate developers. I’m also not involved in party politics. I am 100% free to work for the best interests of the citizens of Haldimand County, and I have the training and experience to work successfully in municipal government.”

The 63-year-old Cayuga resident has worked in business and education in Canada, France and Taiwan, most recently as a teacher of English, French and Mandarin for the Grand Erie District School Board, including stints at McKinnon Park and Cayuga secondary schools.

Since retirement three years ago, McClung has been working on environmental and book projects including the diary and letters of a Canadian soldier in World War One that was published in 2016.

He and his wife Vicky, also a retired Grand Erie teacher, live in the house his great-great-grandfather built in 1854. “I have deep roots in Haldimand,” he says. “To me, Haldimand is much more than just a place to make money. I look at Haldimand and I see layers and layers of history, and layers and layers of possibilities for the future.

But we need to choose our future carefully. Environmentally responsible, financially sustainable growth needs to benefit residents as well as businesses. And it needs to do it without compromising our heritage.”

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