The Port Maitland, “On the Grand” Historical Association will be holding its Annual General Meeting at the Dunnville Library at 317 Chestnut St, Dunnville on Wednesday November 14th at 7:p.m.  All are welcome!

Our guest speaker(s) will be “Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton-Wentworth (GLOHW).

GLOWH is a non-profit organization formed in 1997 to aid in the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. Over the last 20 years GLOHW has successfully found “forever homes” for over 600 greyhounds. GLOHW is committed to continuing this work with the help of their many dedicated members and volunteers.

GLOWH members will attend our AGM with a PowerPoint presentation which hopefully will encourage suitable candidates to adopt a retired greyhound.

If you have even considered adopting a greyhound this is a good opportunity to learn about how to do this.  Some dogs will be in attendance.

GLOHW works closely with greyhound adoption groups in the U.S. to find the right “forever home” for every greyhound they bring into their  organization.

In order to do this, they do not “warehouse” dogs. Your greyhound will be selected specifically for you based on a profile that is created uniquely for you and your family by members of GLOHW’s Adoption Committee. 

The profile is based on information provided in your adoption application and from a home visit. This process ensures that the best match possible is made between the adopter and the greyhound.

Occasionally, GLOHW is contacted regarding re-homing or rescuing a greyhound in need. As with adoptions of newly retired track dogs, re-home or rescue dogs are evaluated by an experienced greyhound foster family in order to determine what type of home would best suit the dog’s needs.

Bill Warnick

President Port Maitland, “On the Grand” Historical Association

905 531-4350