Bill Warnick is looking for storm photos of Port Maitland along with information on the circumstances they were taken.

“It does not matter if it is a snow storm or a wind storm,” he says.

Warnick is president of the Port Maitland, “On the Grand” Historical Association (PMHA) and is looking for pictorial help in putting together a story on the subject.

“There are some great shots on Google/images, which I will ask the owner to share, but I am looking for contributors to send one or more, giving me permission to use the photo,” he says.

He cannot afford to pay for the photos, but will give credit the first time he uses it. They will then be archived and may be used later.

If you are willing to share a photo(s), please send it in jpeg format.  

PMHA was established in November 2005 with charitable status in February 17 2006.
Winner of the 2008, Grand River Conservation Authority; Watershed Award
Winner of the 2015 County of Haldimand Heritage Award
Winner of Ontario Historical Association 2015 – Dorothy Duncan Award
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