By Chris Pickup

Haldimand county residents are likely find themselves going to the municipal polls twice this fall.

One of the three certified candidates vying for the two Haldimand English Language Public School Board seats had attempted to withdraw his nomination, but since the deadline had passed he could not.

The name of the candidate has been kept under wraps, but a county report said it became apparent he was not eligible given his employment with another school board.

Common sense would dictate that the two remaining candidates simply be acclaimed, but provincial and legal opinion is that the two remaining public school board candidates cannot remain on the election ballot for October 22, and that part of election proceedings will be cancelled.

A by-election for Haldimand trustees should be held instead so the 32,435 residents who have English Public School support may vote for a new slate of nominees.

The county informed the province of the situation, asking for a Ministerial Order allowing for acclamation, but in the face of continuing silence from the province the county has no choice but to plan for a byelection In case there is no ministerial intervention.

The financial costs would be considerable at an estimated $48,000.

No other details are available at this time since the county was constrained to deal with this issue in closed session.