Open letter to Haldimand councillors

It is a fact that you are all aware that the majority of people in Cayuga want to keep and protect their museum and log cabin at the current location on the Court House Grounds.  It is also a fact that you know the majority of people want their new library to be built at the same location as their current library for several reasons, the most important being the safety concern for a new Highway 3 location.

The already hugely escalated costs projected for destroying the museum and then changing the location, design, and purpose of the Cayuga library is a result of your intentions to do what this community has made clear to you they do not want.

You cannot in good conscience justify continuing with these projects as they are.  You need to stop this right now and rethink these projects with a view towards completing them as the residents have clearly told you they prefer.

Your position is to honour the wishes of the majority of your tax-paying constituents, not to ignore those wishes because you personally think you know better, or because it would benefit someone other than the majority of residents, or for any other reason.

If such an overwhelmingly wiser reason were known to you, you should stop these projects right now, share the reason with your constituents for their consideration and let them decide how to continue.

Bonnie Stephens.  Cayuga