Norfolk OPP is being inundated with 9-1-1 calls about raccoons. Calling 9-1-1 for a raccoon complaint is NOT an emergency, police emphasize, and tying up the line for such calls risks lives.

“The OPP does not have the equipment to trap and house live animals or transport wild animals. Calling 9-1-1 for raccoons ties up the phone lines at the communications center, wastes taxpayer money, ties up law enforcement officers and threatens lives,” says Constable Ed Sanchuk

A private animal removal service should be contacted instead of calling 9-1-1.”

The first call appeared last Thursday afternoon when an emergency 9-1-1 was received after a raccoon was observed on the rear porch of a residence. 

The 43-year-old homeowner contacted the emergency line to report they had seen a raccoon on their porch and didn’t know who to call. Officers went to the house but the animal had already left. 

More calls continue to come in to the emergency number after people are spotting raccoons on their property during the day. 

It’s a common myth that a raccoon walking around during the day is sick or has rabies. It’s true that raccoons are mostly nocturnal, but they can be active during the day for many different reasons.

Raccoons will come out during the day if there is a food source available at a particular time, if they have been frightened out of their daytime sleeping spot, or if there is high competition in the area at night from other nocturnal animals.