Good afternoon Christine,

As part of the site plan review process I had identified that the Austrian Pine/Douglas-fir trees were likely going to be an issue with the new build. I explored the option of retaining the trees by installing tree protection zones around the critical root zone of the trees, however the minimum tree protection zones required could not be achieved.

I could not recommend retaining some of the Austrian Pine/Douglas-fir trees in the row because the trees have developed together as a single unit and were reliant on each other for structural support.  The removal of some of the Austrian Pine/Douglas-fir trees would increase the exposure of the remaining trees to new wind loads and they would be at a high risk of failure during a wind or storm event.

Since the Austrian Pine/Douglas-fir trees were planted too close together when they were young, they haven’t been able to grow to their full potential due to competition with the adjacent trees.  This results in dead branches from competition stress and a reduction in the environmental and social benefits the trees should be providing.  As tree canopy cover increases so does the environmental and social benefits for the community.

The removal of the Austrian Pine/Douglas-fir has opened up more space for the large Silver Maple in the park area to continue to grow and increase its canopy size without competing with the Austrian Pine/Douglas-fir trees.  The Silver Maple is already a high value tree due to its size and its community value will continue to increase as the tree grows.

The landscape plan for the Library building specifies that (9) new trees, in addition to the other proposed shrubs and perennials, will be planted around the Library building.  The new trees are more evenly spaced around the property which will contribute to increasing the overall canopy cover on the property.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions regarding the removal of the trees adjacent to the new build in Cayuga.  If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Adam Chamberlin, ISA BCMA, OALA

Project Manager, Forestry

Facilities & Parks Operations