Regarding the September 6, 2016, Sullivan Mahoney LLP, Legal Opinion

On January 31, 2018 Chief Administrative Officer of Haldimand County, Don Boyle, released a letter from Sullivan Mahoney LLP, dated September 6, 2016, in which the legal counsel stated,

“The 1861 Plan designates a “Market Square” parcel which lies north of King Street, bordered by King, Cayuga, Mohawk and Ottawa Streets. This report deals with those lands, specifically, we understand that you wish to know whether or not the County has title to the Market Square.  We have conducted a thorough search of the title to this parcel and confirm that a Crown Patent has never been issued with regard to these lands. In the absence of a Crown Patent, the County does not own the lands unless it can be established that the lands have been vested in the County by some other means. Without such vesting having occurred, the lands would still be considered to be Crown lands.”

This investigation and subsequent legal opinion were obviously in error since a registered patent has been found (see picture above)’

Chief Administrative Officer, Boyle, once again was trying to convince the citizens of Haldimand County that their sitting council had no choice but to move the site of the proposed new library to Highway 3 from the Market Square, but the legal opinion is dated Sept. 6, 2016, and the council decision to move to the Highway 3 site was made Oct 6, 2015.

The comedy of errors continues. What can we expect next?

Judy Agis, Cayuga