Haldimand County Council surprised residents when it revealed that the new Cayuga library would not be built on the Market Square (Village Green) site, the home of the current library and the originally proposed site.  Instead it would be built on a far busier and more expensive Hwy. 3 site.

Shocked and dismayed residents continuously voiced their objections to this change by every means available.

Meanwhile, Haldimand councillors were creating a smokescreen through a series of excuses for the switch.  When residents proved one excuse to be completely false, council gave another to take its place.

The final excuse that there was no patent for the Market Square was eliminated when a resident located the patent, but Mayor Ken Hewitt offered yet another insult to residents.  At the February 27, 2018 Council in Committee meeting, while Hewitt admitted there was indeed a patent, he then stated that there were other factors that led to the county’s decision.

Even a casual observer would wonder why this council is so determined to avoid the wishes of the citizens they were elected to represent.

Council needs to answer the often asked question:  Will this council now commit to build the new Cayuga library on the Market Square site?

Bonnie Stephens, Cayuga