By Chris Pickup

The Memorial Gates at the entrance to Selkirk’s community park are to be rehabilitated in time for the upcoming Remembrance Day ceremonies.

The Selkirk Chamber of Commerce proposes to rehabilitate the stone pillars at the entrance, including brick pointing and brick replacement. The round cement caps, which have been vandalized in the past (rolled off the top of the pillar) will be replaced with granite ‘roof-style’ caps.

Also to be restored or replaced are the four memorial plaques recognizing local citizens who served and gave their lives in various wars, and the decorative wrought-iron work and gates. A more accessible/barrier-free area will be created from the sidewalk to behind the gates.

The anticipated budget is $23,500, to be shared equally through community fundraising, the county community partnership capital reserve, and ward 1 community vibrancy fund.

The gates and entry into the park have been used by the community for decades, but as the property is actually owned by the Selkirk Baptist church, county staff recommended shared driveway and use agreements  be developed amongst Haldimand County, the Selkirk Baptist Church and Selkirk Chamber of Commerce. All three parties were in agreement and a bylaw was passed Monday to that effect.

Ongoing care of the gates will be handled by the Chamber of Commerce and community partners.

Councillor Leroy Bartlett noted the gates were initially installed by the W.I. The renovations will give “something solid to place wreaths on … dignitaries in the past got bogged down in soft ground.”