By George Naylor, Caledonia resident

At a February meeting, council voted 5 – 0 in favour of this fee.  At a March 5  meeting, council was expected to ratify this decision, but Coun. Craig Grice deferred the decision, citing a desire to,  “further examine the situation.”

In Haldimand Council-speak, this looks like a desire to sweep a regrettable and discriminatory proposal under the carpet until after the fall election, after which it will magically re-appear!

Before reaching this decision to charge non-residents, a survey should first be undertaken to first determine where these non-residents are coming from?  I would also propose that most of this non-resident pool use are indeed persons from Six Nations.  Look at other nearby communities and ask the same question.

Would it make sense for Binbrook, Hamilton or Ancaster residents to come to Caledonia in large numbers, when there are three indoor swimming pools and two outdoor pools on Hamilton mountain alone?  The pool closest to Binbrook is Spring Valley Pool on Paramount, near Mud St. on the east mountain?  Ancaster has one indoor, and one outdoor pool as well.

Six Nations is the closest non-resident group of people without a swimming pool.  Revenge for Douglas Creek? This smells of discrimination to me too!  Thanks for pointing this out, Rob.