by Chris Pickup

South Cayuga has been mightily shafted on vibrancy funding.

With $1,210,000 in ward 2 vibrancy fund money originally dedicated to the new Cayuga library budget and an extra $250,000 top up to the same budget this past week,  South Cayuga’s out of luck in getting a fair share.

Thrown out as an apparent sop, according to a notice of motion to be presented by councillor Fred Morison at Wednesday’s council meeting, is a brief for consideration during the review of the draft 2018 Tax Supported Capital Budget on the following projects.

  • Paving of Yaremy road between River road and Haldimand road 20.
  • Opportunities to widen and tar/chip River road, including identifying areas for ‘pull overs’ (allowing drivers of large/farm vehicles to pull over and let other drivers pass) and enhancing signage related to safety; and
  • Lighting enhancements along Lakeshore road, particularly at intersections and increased ‘no parking’ signage at intersections.

The County recently voted an additional half a million dollars to gravel road conversion while promising to still adhere to the schedule set up. At that rate of conversion, Yaremy road is set to be done in 2029. Council voted for any further dollars in gravel road conversions to be referred for consideration in the budget this February. If more money were to be voted

for it would bring Yaremy road conversion to 2024.

Doubtless South Cayuga deserves more than it’s got so far from councillor Morison, However It appears Morison is trying to subvert fair process for the rest of the County.

Maybe he should look at where vibrancy fund money is going, specifically Cayuga Rail Trail,   and push that basically useless project back and reallocate money to his other responsibilities than Cayuga, specifically South Cayuga.