The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) confirmed their members will focus on political activities during Phase 7 Job Action, which started on Monday.

This means all Grand Erie elementary schools will remain open to students this week and there will be no full withdrawal of services by ETFO members before March Break (March 16-20).

But effective Monday, March 23, members will resume their full withdrawal of services if a central bargaining deal is not reached. ETFO did not identify what type of withdrawal would take place (e.g., rotating or province-wide), nor did they indicate which school boards would be impacted.

ETFO is required to give five days of notice to school boards prior to the start of any full withdrawal of service.

ETFO members in Grand Erie include all elementary teachers, occasional elementary teachers, and all designated early childhood educators.

Meanwhile, last week, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) escalated job action, in the form of increased work-to-rule sanctions, on Monday.

But they will pause their full withdrawals of services through Friday, March 27, meaning all Grand Erie secondary schools will remain open to students during this time.

OSSTF’s increased work-to-rule sanctions are not expected to impact students as they generally focus on administrative-related tasks and responsibilities.

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