Grand Erie District School Board will not be issuing Term 1 Report Cards or the Kindergarten Communication of Learning, courtesy of teacher job action.

Grand Erie parents/guardians were set to receive the Kindergarten Communication of Learning and Term 1 Report Cards (Grades 1-8) in mid-February. 

So much for parental communication. ETFO members have refused to complete Term 1 Report Cards. Instead, they are providing school administrators with a class list of marks for the various subjects or strands taught and one brief comment per frame for the Kindergarten Communication of Learning.

“We greatly respect all of our staff and value their work with our students,” said Brenda Blancher, Grand Erie’s Director of Education. “We also respect ETFO’s right to work-to-rule. 

“During job action, however, our Principals have to take on, or perform, a wide range of additional duties and responsibilities. We simply cannot add inputting marks and preparing Term 1 Report Cards to their plate.”